Environment and Rural Development Foundation - www.erudefconservation.org

International Primatological Society - www.internationalprimatologicalsociety.org

International Primate Protection League - www.ippl-uk.org

Bees for Development - www.beesfordevelopment.org

Primate Society of Great Britain - www.psgb.org

Great Apes Film Initiative - www.gafi4apes.org

The Great Primate Handshake - www.primatehandshake.org

Ape Alliance - www.4apes.com

Oxford Brookes University - MSc Primate Conservation - http://ssl.brookes.ac.uk/primate

And Albert Foundation - www.and-albert.com

Bees Abroad UK - www.beesabroad.org.uk

Ape Action Africa - www.apeactionafrica.org

United Nations Great Ape Survival Partnership - www.unep.org/GRASP